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Celo Archive Mainnet Node Guide


This guide is intended to be an end to end walk-through of running an Celo Archive Mainnet Node in an existing Kubernetes cluster.

Sync Duration

Sync times are reported to be in the range of 4 days on dedicated hardware.

Setup Environment

This guide assumes operation within a Kubernetes cluster:

  • For setups using Launchpad, follow the steps outlined here.
  • For setups using Helm only, refer to the instructions here.


For Celo workload you will need:

  • CPU: 4 Cores / 8 Threads
  • RAM: 16 GiB
  • Storage: 3 TiB NVMe SSD

If running a Kubernetes cluster using Launchpad

All the Launchpad Prerequisites apply if running a Kubernetes cluster using Launchpad, so be sure to read them first. This guide can be used with existing Kubernetes clusters as well.

  1. Confirm your cluster is operational by consulting our Quick Start guide.

  2. In your private infra repo pull in latest launchpad-starter changes:

task launchpad:pull-upstream-starter
  1. Check default values and update as needed in <your-private-copy-of-launchpad-starter>/helmfiles/namespaces/celo-mainnet.yaml

  2. Deploy celo-mainnet namespace

task releases:apply celo-mainnet

Deploying with helm in a Kubernetes cluster outside Launchpad

You can find blockchain related helm packages here

  1. Prepare your configuration file, celo-mainnet.yaml, to override chart default values as necessary. Example:
- --verbosity 3
- --syncmode full
- --gcmode archive
- --txlookuplimit=0
- --cache.preimages
- --http.corsdomain=*
- --ws # enable ws
- --http.api=eth,net,web3,debug,admin,personal
  1. Add the Helm repository and deploy:
helm repo add graphops
helm install --dry-run celo graphops/celo:latest --namespace celo-mainnet --values celo-mainnet.yaml