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Launchpad Documentation

Launchpad is a comprehensive toolkit designed for running a Graph Protocol Indexer on Kubernetes, aimed at providing the fastest route to production deployments of multi-chain indexing software stacks with robust security and performance defaults. Suitable for environments ranging from a single node cluster to large scale multi-region clusters. Launchpad is also comprised of an opinionated set of tools that run on your local machine, that are layered to offer a declarative workflow for managing your deployment stack. Key components of Launchpad include the Launchpad Starter (graphops/launchpad-starter), which serves as the initial setup point for new deployments; Launchpad Charts (graphops/launchpad-charts), a collection of Helm Charts for blockchains and web3 applications; and Launchpad Namespaces (graphops/launchpad-namespaces), which are preconfigured Kubernetes Namespaces that utilize Helmfile for enhanced management.

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First steps

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Getting help

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Getting Involved

Launchpad is a collaborative effort to create the best UX for Graph Protocol Indexers on Kubernetes. As such contributors are highly appreciated and welcome. Visit the github repos' guidance to contribute code to Launchpad Charts or Launchpad Namespaces

You can also get involved by simply attending our biweekly Launchpad Office Hours(LOH) community call on discord. You can access previous LOH recordings here.