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Supported Namespaces

Launchpad includes a number of prepackaged Kubernetes namespaces (see Launchpad Namespaces repo), which in turn reference Helm Charts in the Launchpad Charts repository, as well as third-party Charts. GraphOps maintains support for these namespaces, meaning that we:

  • Track upstream releases and test them
  • Move these releases through canary and stable release channels for both launchpad-charts and launchpad-namespaces
  • Evolve the Launchpad stack to meet the evolving operational needs of these applications
  • Offer support for operators experiencing challenges with these namespaces

This strategy is rooted in GraphOps' active usage of these namespaces and the applications within them. For more details on how a new application makes it from a canary release all the way to a stable launchpad-namespace please check out our release-channels guide

We welcome third-party contributors to add support for additional namespaces and applications.

Using custom releases and deploying sets of applications not defined in launchpad-namespaces‚Äč

Launchpad's architecture is designed to be highly flexible and does not constrain you to deploying launchpad-namespaces.

To incorporate releases not covered within a namespace, you can utilize the helmfile.yaml that you generated during the Quick Start process.

For instance, if you required the implementation of kafka-operator for specific workloads, you would add the following code to the repositories and releases sections:

- name: strimzi

- name: strimzi
namespace: kafka
createNamespace: true
chart: strimzi/strimzi-kafka-operator
missingFileHandler: Warn
- watchAnyNamespace: true

If you're considering the integration of a blockchain that currently falls outside the scope of Launchpad's Supported Namespaces, it's worth noting that including a new release in your helmfile.yaml might require an extra step of creating a custom Helm Chart. While certain publicly available charts (ie. Teku, Lighthouse) might be regularly maintained by external contributors, you might encounter cases where other charts are not readily supported.