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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a machine for launchpad-starter?

No! The Client Side Tooling that comes with Launchpad should be run on your local machine. These tools are only used to instruct your cluster of services what to do.

Can I migrate my existing Indexer into Launchpad?


When thinking about the stateful data that would be worth migrating it can be split in 3 buckets:

  1. blockchain node data snapshot - to migrate this data fire up launchpad from scratch and when you get to deploying the full gnosis namespace you would instead edit the following configuration in your launchpad-starter to point at the existing blockchain data. For example to point a nethermind deployment to an existing snapshot you would append the below in <your-private-copy-of-launchpad-starter>/helmfiles/release-names/gnosis-mainnet/nethermind-archive-trace-gnosis-mainnet-0.yaml before deploying the chart
enable: true
snapshotUrl: https://a-link-to-your-snapshot-archive.tar.gz
mode: streaming # or multipart depending on chain
  1. postgreSQL - subgraph data - all data is deterministic and therefore you could lose subgraph data and recreated from scratch - provided that you don't have hundreds of subgraphs synced in which case you'd have to consider the computational load on your database when resyncing from scratch.
  2. postgreSQL - indexer data

Both subgraph data and indexer data can be restored via tools such as pg_dump to backup current PostgreSQl databases and pg_restore to build your old database into your launchpad-starter instances of graph-mainnet.