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Launchpad is a toolkit for running a Graph Protocol Indexer on Kubernetes. It aims to provide the fastest path to production multi-chain indexing, with sane security and performance defaults. It should work well whether you have a single host or twenty, regardless of host provider. It is comprised of an opinionated set of tools on your local machine, layered over one another to provide a declarative workflow through all the layers of your infrastructure.

There are two major components to be aware of:

  1. Starter (graphops/launchpad-starter): A starting point for every new Launchpad deployment. It uses a submodule to import all templated definitions from Core.
  2. Core (graphops/launchpad-core): Templated tasks, release definitions, scripts and other components

Core also references Helm Charts that are hosted in the graphops/launchpad-charts repo.


  • Actively maintained by GraphOps and contributors
  • Deploy Kubernetes (k0s) onto any existing set of SSH-capable hosts you have
  • Predefined release definitions for monitoring, logging and other cluster functions, as well as for the complete Graph Indexer Stack
  • An opinionated starter (launchpad-starter) to define and manage your stack in a declarative, version controlled manner
  • A workflow to seamlessly inherit new templated release updates, while still supporting a enormous degree of deployment flexibility
  • Utilises graphops/launchpad-charts, a set of templated kubernetes resources that are packaged into charts which can then be customized and deployed into Kubernetes clusters. Example applications nethermind, erigon, graph-node.

Next Steps

  • Read the Prerequisites section to understand what you need to bring
  • Read the Quick Start guide to get up and running
  • Look at the repositories above on GitHub to understand how they work
  • Review Advanced Topics to understand more advanced behaviour