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Launchpad is a toolkit for running a Graph Protocol Indexer on Kubernetes. It aims to provide the fastest path to production multi-chain indexing, with sane security and performance defaults. It should work well whether you have a single node cluster or twenty. It is comprised of an opinionated set of tools on your local machine, layered over one another to provide a declarative workflow to manage your deployments stack.

There are three major components to be aware of:

  1. Launchpad Starter (graphops/launchpad-starter): A starting point for every new Launchpad deployment
  2. Launchpad Charts (graphops/launchpad-charts): A collection of Helm Charts for blockchains and web3 apps
  3. Launchpad Namespaces (graphops/launchpad-namespaces): A collection of preconfigured Kubernetes Namespaces using Helmfile

Launchpad components


  • Actively maintained by GraphOps and contributors
  • An opinionated starter (launchpad-starter) to define and manage your stack in a declarative, version controlled manner
  • A collection of Helm Charts for deploying and monitoring blockchain nodes and Graph Protocol Indexers in Kubernetes, with P2P NodePort support
  • Preconfigured namespaces for core cluster functions (logging, monitoring, etc) and major blockchains
  • An automated dependency update pipeline for graphops/launchpad-charts and graphops/launchpad-namespaces

Are you interested in exploring Launchpad but not ready to adopt the entire stack? Explore our Modularity page to discover how you can selectively integrate elements of Launchpad, like launchpad-starter, launchpad-charts, and launchpad-namespaces, to fit your specific needs without committing to a full end-to-end implementation.

Next steps

  • Visit our Documentation Map for an overview of where to find all the information you need
  • Read the Prerequisites section to understand what you need to started
  • Read the Quick Start guide to get up and running
  • Look at the repositories above on GitHub to understand how they work