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Celo Archive Mainnet Node Guide


This Quick Start guide has not yet been updated for Launchpad V2.

This guide is intended to be an end to end walk-through of running an Celo Archive Mainnet Node in an existing Kubernetes cluster. Sync times are reported to be in the range of 4 days on dedicated hardware.


All the Launchpad Prerequisites apply if running a Kubernetes cluster using Launchpad, so be sure to read them first. This guide can be used with existing Kubernetes clusters as well.

For Celo workload you will need:

  • CPU: 4 Cores / 8 Threads
  • RAM: 16 GiB
  • Storage: 3 TiB NVMe SSD

If running a Kubernetes cluster using Launchpad

  1. Check that the cluster is running and healthy - review Quick Start guide for more info.
  2. In your private infra repo pull in latest launchpad-starter changes
task launchpad:pull-upstream-starter
  1. Pull in latest-core changes
task launchpad:update-core
  1. Check default values- double-check values and update as needed in <your-private-copy-of-launchpad-starter>/helmfiles/release-names/arbitrum-mainnet/celo-archive-trace-mainnet-0.yaml

  2. Deploy celo-mainnet namespace

task releases:apply celo-mainnet

Deploying with helm in a Kubernetes cluster outside Launchpad

You can find blockchain related helm packages here

Create a values celo-mainnet.yaml file with the following contents or similar:

- --verbosity 3
- --syncmode full
- --gcmode archive
- --txlookuplimit=0
- --cache.preimages
- --http.corsdomain=*
- --ws # enable ws
- --http.api=eth,net,web3,debug,admin,personal

Deploy helm-chart:

helm repo add graphops
helm install --dry-run celo graphops/celo:latest --namespace celo-mainnet --values celo-mainnet.yaml